Ancient Hebrew Lexicons

Jimmy and I are working (individually) on a little project to compare and contrast the three major Hebrew lexicons — HALOT, BDB, and DCH — for our Hebrew reading class this semester. We hope to post a summary of our findings after we complete and turn in the assignment on Monday so be on the look out for some discussion on these lexicons.

We are focusing on semantics this semester as we work through the last half of Qohelet. We wil be using Alan Cruse’s ‘Meaning in Language: An Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics.’ Hopefully we will have a lot of interesting posts on the horizon as we work through understanding the nature of semantics and Biblical Hebrew.

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About Jessica Parks

I am currently working as the Media Producer in Content Innovation at Logos Bible Software, part of Faithlife Corporation. I am a graduate of Houston Baptist University with a Master of Arts in Biblical Languages (May 2013). I am interested in the Bible, Greek, Hebrew, Linguistics, the LXX, apocryphal and deuterocanonical texts, theology, ethics, early Christianity, and gender issues.

2 thoughts on “Ancient Hebrew Lexicons

  1. lylelife

    Sounds interesting. Semi-echoes of what I did for my MA thesis. Anyways, here’s a book you must check out for better grappling with (lexical) semantics.

    Nick Riemer. “Introducing Semantics” (2010)

    It’s extremely user-friendly, and he even comes at it from a Cognitive Linguistic slant—which I think you’ll appreciate.

    Btw, this doesn’t sound like a “little project”… it sounds HUGE!

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